Discount golf store

Golf is an expensive sport; that is no surprise. That is why it is fondly referred to as the rich man’s game. The price of equipment and accessories can be overwhelming, especially for a beginner on a budget. But how about if I told you that you can still play even when on a budget? Well, here is a life hack; you can get great bargains at discount golf stores! There are manufacturers and sellers who clear off stock at good prices. Additionally, there are various places where you can get good quality equipment and accessories – the second-hand corner.

Buying used golf equipment can be tricky. For starters, it is hard to know where to get them. And even if you do, you may not know exactly what to look for or the risks involved. This is where we come in; this guide is meant to give you some insights into saving money when you go golf shopping.       

Online Marketplaces; Risky Money Savers

There are some fairly popular golf speciality websites that have been in operation for a while now. Some of these online stores such as sell the inventory of thousands of used clubs at discount prices as well as accept trade-ins. You can get up to 70% savings over new clubs!

While marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay are still on top when it comes to getting stuff at discount prices, you may need to sort through the vendors to get genuine ones. Caution while on these platforms must be exercised at all times. For starters, look at the seller’s track record. If they have been in the trade for a long time, look at the satisfaction score as well as positive reviews. It is also important to read the negative reviews too so that you get an idea of what it is like to work with that seller.

Always have this in mind; if the deal is too good, you probably need to look at it twice or thrice. When online stores stock “high quality” golf items at ridiculously low prices, chances are they are low-quality products. If you’re not careful, you will realize that you are stuck with a fake club long after you’ve paid for it. Worse still, you have a person who is not genuine holding on to your credit card information.

Be cautious of sellers who advertise huge discounts. When you see listings that are accompanied by huge “sale” or “discount” tags, proceed with extreme caution. This is the advice given by one of the members of US Golf Manufacturing and Anti Counterfeit Group, Nauman. Additionally, Nauman explains that legitimate sellers do not advertise the products in that manner and neither do authorized retailers.

Counterfeit Golf Equipment Is A Gold Mine!

If you are looking for discount golf equipment, and have no idea how to identify genuine high-quality options, chances are that you will end up with counterfeits and will not even realize it till it’s too late. If the counterfeits would perform like the real thing, there wouldn’t be much of a problem; the issue is that they do not. The fact that they are made with cheap material makes them inconsistent.

The anti-counterfeit groups ensure that the laws are enforced even abroad by discovering operations involved in counterfeit manufacturing and seizing inventory. China is the primary manufacturing zone for counterfeits, with more than 90% of total counterfeit operations. The anti-counterfeit group works closely with Chinese law enforcers to help curb these operations.

While shopping online can be convenient and pretty easy, it is also difficult to tell counterfeit items from genuine ones. You are likely to buy counterfeit discount golf equipment unless you purchase from reputable online stores.

Check Out Retailers and Manufacturers for Used Golf Gear

One of the recommended options when it comes to shopping for discount golf gear is checking out what reputable retailers and manufacturers have on offer. You will be surprised to find that some golf club manufacturers such as Callaway and TaylorMade offer pre-owned clubs. The best thing about buying directly from reputable manufacturers is that you will get quality gear. They also offer a warranty on the gear. With models such as Galgorm Castle Golf Club, you can get pretty good discounts!

You can get certified gear from these manufacturers’ pre-owned sites. Additionally, these manufacturers stock golf gear from other reputable manufacturers. This means that being experts, they are in a good position to confirm that everything going into their stock is of high quality. Since they will be giving warranty for the pre-owned items they sell, they are likely to sell only quality items.

You can also walk into your regular reputable brick and mortar golf stores. Most of them tend to have pre-owned gear which they get from their trade-in offers and discounts on leisure clubs. While the discounts are not as deep as those from online stores, you will still get a sizeable chunk off the buying price. Additionally, some of these physical stores go an extra mile and allows you to see, feel, touch as well as do a demo with the gear before purchase. This gives you a pretty good idea of how the gear will feel on the greens. That experience, in itself, is definitely worth some extra cash!

Look Out For Overstocks and Closeouts

Golf gear lifecycles shorten considerably with every new model introduced in the market. Every year something new is launched, the older models are pushed to the closeout corner in shops and catalogues. This does not in any way diminish their effectiveness. There are some models such as Tommy Armour 845 irons that still remain popular to this day despite countless newer models being launched.

When looking for good deals on online platforms, simply search “closeout” on your favourite online golf store. This will give you a ton of options that you can use to do a price comparison. The best part is that you can also find pretty good deals even on newer models, especially if the season isn’t very prime for tee-offs. Most shops tend to offer discounts on overstocked items to boost sales in those seasons that do not allow much play.

Discount Golf Club Sets

There are countless discounts offered to golfers. Pre-owned golf club sets can be such a bargain, especially when purchasing from reputable sellers. They allow you to be part of the game even on a budget. However, as a new golfer, how do you identify real bargains from those that will not serve you? Well, here are some few tips on what to look for when buying pre-owned golf clubs.

• The clubheads

What you want to look at is the clubface. If the club has been used for a while, it will have a shiny spot at the centre. This means that it is likely not to hold the ball as is needed. As such, you might want to pass up on that offer. Additionally, only consider club heads whose grooves still show well-defined edges. Don’t go for any club that may have an indentation in the clubface as this significantly affects golf ball flight. Look out for dents in the crown, especially for woods that are made from materials other than steel. Additionally, look out for any dents around the clubhead’s perimeter as well.

• The shafts

When choosing a discount golf club, look out for indentation or excessive wear on graphite shafts. These signs mean that the shaft has weak areas and could easily break. Twist the head and grip in opposite directions to test the torque. If you do not experience resistance, then it means that it is a sign of weakness. If you are dealing with a steel shaft, lookout for signs of bending back into shape. When buying club sets, ensure that the shafts are the same so that the clubs feel the same from one shot to another.

• The grips

Look out for worn-out areas, cracks and splits. Get a club that you will not need to replace the grips as soon as you purchase it. While most low quality, used golf clubs need re-gripping before they can serve you well, it is your duty to make sure that you get the best in the lot. If not, you may be looking to spend up to $15 to re-grip each club.

• The set consistency

Here’s what you do; line up the clubs so as to compare them. There should be consistency in the set; they should all appear to have been the original club sets. The danger in having inconsistent clubs in a set is that it throws off the progression. A set should have a normal length progression from one club to the next. Ensure that the shafts are consistently progressive and have the same shaft models and types.

• The prices for new clubs of the same model

If you are dealing with closeouts, chances are that the models you fancy are at a lower price compared to newer models by the same manufacturer. As such, if you find a golf club set that you like, look at prices for the new versions of the same. You might be surprised that the new clubs are almost the same price as the pre-owned golf set especially when dealing with closeouts. Additionally, while the pre-owned golf club set you like maybe in excellent condition, the manufacturer may have steeply discounted their new sets in case of discontinued production, high inventory or for any other reason.

• Demo the clubs

Here is the thing; you may not know how the clubs perform in your hand unless you take them out for a swing. Whether you are buying at a store or a garage sale, you should be allowed to take a few swings. Always do a demo with real balls. If the seller doesn’t allow, you may need to ask them why they do not allow it and what you can do to test it out.

• Few more tips

Go for clubs that have steel heads – they will last longer and serve you well. Clubheads made of alloy, metal woods and other multilateral materials such as carbon fibre and titanium are susceptible to ageing and other effects of play. When getting a golf club, look for any signs of dents. Parts that have been painted over may be done to conceal a major weakness. 

It is advisable to stick to brand names that you are familiar with. Lesser known brands do not mean that they are less effective. In fact, they can be better for you than the brands you know. However, if you do not know the features to look for when picking that brand, you may discover too late that you have ended up with cheap knock offs or clones at the price of quality sets.

Discount Golf Bags

The golf bags you choose bring a whole lot of difference to your game. Consider how much you want to carry around and how you want to carry it. There are different types of golf bags that you can get in discount golf stores. If you are a first-time golfer, here are some tips on the different types of bags available today and how to pick the best pre-owned golf bag.

Quick Tips; Common Features in Quality Golf Bags 

Regardless of the type of gold bag you want, there are some features that are common across the board when it comes to quality. It is important that you get a bag that will serve you for several seasons. If you are on a budget, chances are you don’t want to keep replacing or repairing the golf bag. Here are a few things to look for.

• Strong branding

Here is the thing; strong quality branding is an indication of the measures the manufacturer takes to ensure that the end product will serve you well. While there are lesser-known brands that are equally good, most people prefer the brands that they can trust. Here is a tip; regardless of the brand you choose, always check out for quality pointers such as material, stitching and other factors that we’ll look at later on this article.

• Comfortable carrying straps

You need a bag whose straps are comfortable, even if you only need to carry it to the golf cart. Put the bag on your shoulders and feel how the straps rest on your shoulders. It is important to have a bag with sturdy but comfortable straps, especially if you intend to carry your clubs and other accessories as you play.

• The material

It is important that the bag is made of sturdy material. You do not want a bag that gets holes or the straps wear out after the second game. Nothing ruins a game faster than mishaps on the greens. As such, do yourself a favour and choose a bag made of sturdy material.

Choosing the Right Discount Golf Bag

The key factor to consider when choosing a golf bag is functionality. Do you want a rider, a walker or both? How much room do you need in a bag? How many accessories and extras such as rain gear and range finders do you intend to fit in the bag? When you consider your needs on the greens, you will have an easier time choosing the appropriate type of golf bag. Some of these bags come with benefits like a golf club discount. Let’s look at some of the most common types available in the market today.

Staff bags are roomy, luxurious and heavy – they are the luxury sedans when it comes to golf bags. These bags are mostly carried by caddies in which case you need not worry about the weight. If you do not have a caddy, this bag can be too heavy to carry around, whether on the back or with a hand cart. Most staff bags are about 10 pounds, but they are made of sturdy material and feature plentiful storage space and aesthetics.

Cart bags are smaller and lighter than staff bags, and they are designed to be carried on a golf push cart or riding cart. If you plan on walking the course as you carry your bag on the back, this is probably not the best option for you. While it is lighter (about 7 pounds) and easier to carry compared to staff bags, they are meant to be carried by a cart. While on a cart, their design allows for quick access to pockets as it remains strapped. They are equipped with a non-slip or rubber base that keeps the bag firmly on the cart.

Stand bags have a unique feature that is not common with other bags – two retractable legs. These bags can stand up straight or canted, thanks to the support of these two legs. When upright, these legs retract and lay against the bag. When working the course, you need a bag that stands upright especially when planning on walking. While staff and cart bags are designed for use on flat surfaces, stand bags are perfect on the turf as the legs help keep the balance. Stand bags weigh about 5 pounds and feature shoulder straps which make them easy to carry on the back. These bags come with ergonomic features such as hip pads which keep the bag from injuring the hips as it is carried. The good thing about these bags is that they can also be carried on a cart.

Carry bags are perfect for golfers who intend to walk the course. Weighing about 2 pounds, carry bags tend to be less structured compared to other bags, though they have enough compartments to hold the essentials. These bags are considered minimalist, thanks to their 2-way dividers (while other bags have up to 16-way dividers!). They are made of a lighter material and have fewer compartments. 

Travel bags and covers come in handy while travelling. They may not be used to carry around golf clubs as the regular golf bags can. Instead, they are used to ensure that the bag carrying the clubs and other accessories is well protected and padded to prevent damage while on transit. They may feature skate wheels for easier mobility as well as reinforced handles for easy handling. Some of them feature additional pockets for storage.

Common Features of Golf Bags    

Dividers compartmentalize the bags storage area to create room for the clubs. Some fancy bags have a separate compartment which runs the entire length of the bag for each club in the set. It is important to note, however, that dividers do not commonly go the entire length of the bag. Therefore, in most bags, the shafts intermingle while in the bag.

The putter well is used to ensure that the golf club shafts are not damaged by the putter. This well also protects the putter’s head from being damaged by the golf clubs. If you prefer a large putter, choose a bag that has a putter well bag.

Pockets are essential in golf bags, even when on a budget. The number of pockets in a bag depends on the kind of accessories you wish to carry at the range or during a round. If you are planning to hit the course, spare golf balls and tees are a must. If there are signs of erratic weather changes, you might want to carry an umbrella, a raincoat or an extra sweater. When carrying variables such as cell phones, be sure you have a bag that has a valuables pocket. Valuables pockets are usually well lined with a soft fabric such as velour. If you are working the course in the summer, get a bag that has a beverage sleeve. If you are into fancy stuff, get a bag that has an insulated beverage cooler pocket.

Sturdy straps and handles make it easy for anyone to handle the golf bag. As such, depending on how you wish to use the bag, it is important to get a bag whose handles and straps are appropriately placed so that they function as you’d prefer. For example, if you plan on walking the course, you may need to get a bag that has comfortable shoulder straps. If you prefer a bag that is carried by a cart, there is no need for sturdy double straps; one is enough.

Accessory spots such as umbrella holders, rain hood and towel rings are great features in a golf bag. If you need these accessories, look for bags that have them. Not every bag comes with these features. 

Appraising a Pre-Used Golf Bag

Here is a quick checklist for appraising a used golf bag.

• Look at the zippers and ensure that they do not stick. The zippers should be in good condition.

• Golf bags that have suffered prolonged exposure to environmental changes tend to be faded and worn out. Don’t take any worn out or damaged bag

• Look at the pockets – can they be easily accessed? Are they in good condition? Are the pockets and compartments well lined to suit their purposes? 

• Look at the shoulder straps and handles. The straps should be sturdy, wide and strong. The padding should also be in good condition. The handles should be strong and easy to maintain a tight grip on them.

• Look at the general condition of the bag. It should, in the least, not look too old, washed down or worn out. You still need to look good on the course

• It is important to note that most golf bags are made from nylon, PVC and other synthetic materials. Most of these bags come with features such as extra pockets for spare gloves, tees and balls, club dividers and other accessories.

Discount Golf Shoes

There are a lot of options available to you if you are looking for affordable golf shoes, especially for beginners. For example, you can take advantage of the offers for alumni and supporters of the university you previously played for. You will be surprised at how many bargains you get at your local discount clothing stores as well. If you are not a fan of going through items in a discount clothing store, you can always go online for a little window shopping. There are countless stores that stock quality golf shoes under $100.

Here is the deal; the cheapest of golf shoes are probably extremely low quality and may be made of terrible material that doesn’t hold up. So here is what you should do; don’t go for the cheapest. Instead, look for discounts on the reputable high-value brand names such as Callaway, Adidas, New Balance or Nike. 

The truth is that all golf brands that are known for their quality products have at least one budget style option, save for FootJoy. As such, you can get a high-quality brand name shoe at an affordable price, below $70!

Where to Buy Discount Golf Shoes

Shopping online should be on top of your list. You can get new brand name golf shoes at discount prices or look for slightly used ones on online platforms such as eBay. When on these online platforms or online marketplaces, simply search “golf shoes” and look at the options available to you. You can always filter your search results so that you get the price range that suits your budget.

Thrift stores such as Goodwill come in handy when you need good quality shoes at great prices. However, when dealing with thrift stores, you may not always get what you want when you want it. You can always keep an eye out; there are countless people who have found really good finds in thrift stores.

Department clothing stores are pretty amazing when it comes to discount golf shoes. Marshals and Ross are known to have some crazy discounts at various locations. While there will be great finds, the shoes do not always come with a box. However, you can get the shoes you want at up to 80% discounted price! Before you give up or go for low-quality knock offs, check these stores. They are known to run some pretty good deals periodically.

Sample Quality Golf Shoes Under $70

Yes, you can get good quality brand name golf shoes under $50. Most of these reputable manufacturers have styles they sell below $75. Here are some of the styles you can consider for less than $100.

The Adidas Tech Response was first released in 2017 and was the most popular golf shoe on Amazon and eBay. People found this shoe very pleasant, except for the tiny fact that they were a little tight. While the design is pretty good, the material is hard to clean, making this shoe unsuitable for clean freaks. If you don’t mind the perforated material, you will have fun with this shoe.

The Adidas Pure Flex has a traditional look and feel to it. While it is not extremely comfortable, it is alright and pretty solid. It’s a classic all-white with three black stripes, very stylish yet professional. This model is pretty old, which is why it is available at lower prices compared to newer styles.

The Adidas Women’s Adizero Sports golf shoe is a stylish all-white design. According to the many reviews on the online platform, this shoe lasts a lifetime and is extremely comfortable. The only downside is that it is not the easiest to clean. You might want to look for hacks on how to keep it spotless. This women’s shoe is one of the most valuable options in the market today, going by the endless glowing reviews, despite the fact that it is an older style. It goes for less than $60!

The Adidas Traxion Boa is made for the person who is not a fan of laces. While many BOA golf shoes go for more than $100, this lace-less Traxion Boa sells for under $80 from the right seller. This shoe was made for the person whose laces become undone often, which is annoying. It is a stylish yet comfortable black-soled all while golf shoe. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

Pointers to Remember on Discount Golf Stores

There are countless online and physical discount golf stores. Online golf stores feature high-quality products at amazing prices. Additionally, you get to window shop on various platforms so as to get the best quality at the best prices. Now that you know what to look for when it comes to purchasing discount golf gear, you are at a better position to make better choices for yourself. While golf is an expensive sport, you need not bankrupt yourself as a beginner. These tips will go a long way in helping you find the right equipment and gear that suits your preferences.

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