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Shopping online for golf items can be as easy or as overwhelming as any other task. For starters, there are countless online stores that claim to sell the very best of the globally acclaimed brands. If you are not well informed on what to look for when purchasing online and how to verify genuine products, you might be in for a rude shock. The beauty of shopping online, however, is that you have the time to countercheck facts as well as learn all you can about a product before you make payment. If you are a beginner, here are some guides for you.

A Simple Guide to Buying Golf Package Sets Online

If you want to buy golf training equipment online, package sets are a must. The set helps ease you into the game and can work for men, women and junior golfers who practice golf in school. Since these sets are aimed at helping beginners with their initial games, they are designed to make the tee as easy as possible. As such, it is pretty convenient to shop for golf sets online as you study golf professionally.

The clubs in the package sets are designed for easy hits, with maximum output – distance and forgiveness. The oversized head design coupled with the cavity back of the clubs helps deliver maximum output from minimum effort. If you are particularly inclined towards achieving maximum distance, you might want to consider graphite shaft golf clubs as they are lighter.

There are countless packages that are available in the market. As such, you need to know how to identify which will best work for you. The perfect set depends on the handicap. For example, mid-higher handicapper golfers can consider the Warbird Package set. This set comes with oversize club heads (4-SW) and perimeter weighting. This helps maximize performance, forgiveness and distance. These oversize attributes give the irons a higher launch angle in addition to better stopping power around the greens. Such sets are exceptionally good for beginners as they give amazing performance yet they are pretty affordable.

You can also look at the industry-standard package sets such as the Wilson X31 Package set. Such sets are designed with long-lasting performance in mind and bear industry-standard components. A starter golfer will find such a set helpful as it comes with ball launching technology that allows the learner to hit better shots. This is the perfect set for beginners who are looking into building their confidence in the game.

What’s in a Golf Package Set?

Depending on the type you are looking at, a golf package set may contain a variety of items. However, a basic package set includes utility club, fairway woods, protective hand covers, golf driver, irons and a putter. When shopping around for a package set, consider your needs and pick the set that has the components that will work best for you.

Consider the graphite and steel golf shafts. A beginner might not really have an issue with either. However, as you advance, you might want to think about graphite shafts with a softer flex. Younger, stronger players might consider stiff shafts as they give a better game. Remember, use a shaft that is soft enough for your swing speed. Stiff shafts may interfere with your performance.

A Simple Guide to Buying Golf Balls online

There is a whole process of how the golf ball interacts with the golf club to give the best shot. It is also important that a golfer understands how and why the ball works the way it does. If you want to boast of good performance, you need to have the right equipment. The construction of the golf ball determines how it will interact with the club. Let’s look at some simple facts about golf balls.

• 1-piece golf ball is a simplistic design made for amateur golfers. It is mostly used for training purposes. These golf balls are made of a solid Surlyn sphere and dimples moulded onto it. They have low compression which means they give little distance. They are affordable and perfect for training an amateur golfer on how to handle the club and ball.

• 2-piece golf ball is ideal for the more apt golfer. It combines durability with maximum distance giving the golfer good performance. The ball is made of a solid hard plastic sphere enclosed in a golf ball cover. This makes the 2 piece ball firm which gives better distance. However, the golfer might not have the best control and feel. But overall, it’s good to note that these balls are almost indestructible.

• 3-piece golf ball is similar to the 2-piece golf ball in construction, save for the solid rubber core instead of hard plastic. Additionally, the exterior is made of a soft synthetic plastic, which makes the ball softer than the two aforementioned variations. There is an additional third layer between the core and the outer cover. This third layer is filled with liquid rubber. This makes the golf ball soft and easy to spin. It gives the golfer some control of the ball while in the air as one is able to put a spin to the tee.

• 4-piece golf ball is created to offer maximum distance. It is primarily made of soft rubber. The construction is similar to that of the 3 piece ball but the outer layer is super thin and made of urethane. This gives the ball a soft feel. When the impact happens, energy is transferred from the core to the other layers, which increase driver distance while still maintaining spin from mind irons. 

• 5-piece golf ball has increasingly gained popularity since its invention, with a majority of pro golfers using it today. Each of these 5 layers is engineered for optimum performance in the top 5 areas that each pro golfer desires; long irons, driver, middle irons, short wedge shorts and short irons. These balls are extremely soft with low compression cores to promote maximum carry and distance through high launch and low spin-off.

Golf balls made for distance are suited for mid and high handicap golfers. This is because distance is more important compared to spin and control. These balls are also easier to play with. Spin/control golf balls are made for mid-handicap as they offer distance and some spin. While they do not offer as much distance as premium golf balls, they are perfect for golfers who are transitioning from amateur to intermediate players.

Premium golf balls are made for low handicap golfers. These balls are designed for minimal distance loss and maximum control on the greens which is ideal for skilled players. These balls offer the player total control but are only perfect in the hands of players who are skilled enough to control them.

When buying golf balls online, it is important to know which works well for your level of expertise. Most reputable online golf stores will give full details in the product description section so that you are aware of what you intend to buy.

A Simple Guide to Buying Golf Irons Online  

There are countless things to consider when buying golf irons online. For starters, you have to understand the specifications of the game, your level of expertise as well as how the wedged club interacts with your golf ball of choice. The following is a simple guide on what to consider when buying the best golf clubs for beginners online.

Game Improvement Irons

Choose irons depending on your handicap. For instance, high handicap golfers should focus on getting the golf ball airborne quickly, which is why they need super game improvement irons. These irons offer high offset, which helps in raising the ball as high as possible. Super game improvement irons come with the largest possible golf club head for a higher forgiving performance, coupled with the lowest centre of gravity. 

Mid handicap golfers have a better grasp of the game, hence need an easier-to-use club which is not necessarily oversized. Game improvement irons offer just that. Additionally, they give better launch on steep angles which increases height while giving a soft landing on the greens. These irons have a lower centre of gravity to maximize performance.

Intermediate irons are perfect for golfers who want to develop their game. They offer core performance and forgiveness that makes it easy to play on steeper angles.

The player’s irons are for the pros. They are made to enhance the feel and shape the shots. A low handicap golfer finds these irons ideal as they effectively take advantage of the deepest and lowest centre of gravity.

Golf Club Heads Vs Irons 

Here are home considerations to have in mind.

• Cavity back irons 

• Muscle back irons

• Blade irons

• Cast and forged golf club heads

Cavity back irons are placed at the hollowed out part of the back of a golf club head. This removes the weight from the clubface centre, thereby allowing the clubs head mass to contribute to the weighting characteristics and the physical appearance of a club. The physics behind the impact between the golf ball and the clubface is adjusted. If you are looking for excellent forgiveness and easier hits, you may want to try cavity back irons.

Muscle back irons show the golf club’s full-back. These clubs are used to enhance consistency as better shots feedback is offered from the contact with the clubface centre. Muscle back irons have a higher centre of gravity which lowers trajectory. It is also important to note that these irons don’t offer the best feel on off-centre hits and there is a good chance that the golfer will lose distance.

Blade irons can be quite friendly, offering forgiveness, but the golfer needs to be very careful handling them as mishits are an easy occurrence. These irons place the weight behind the middle of the club while they are soft at impact which makes a strike hard to perfect. Many golfers prefer these irons for their workability and feel. If you are just starting to learn the game, these irons will make you work harder at mastering the game.

Golf club heads are either cast or forged. Majorities of club heads today are cast – this means that they are made of molten metal molded into the desired shape. These golf club heads are cheaper and easy to handle.

Forged golf club heads are made of metal that is repeatedly beaten until it is formed the desired shape. A lot of golfers claim that forged clubs have enhanced feel as the steel used in making them is softer thanks to the high carbon content. Forged club heads offer greater control and are popular with low handicap golfers. They cost more than cast golf club heads.

Tips for Selecting the Shaft

There are 3 typical shafts that you can choose from: 

• Steel shafts

• Graphite shafts

• Flex shafts

Steel shafts are weighty and therefore give higher accuracy with each shot. If you are a golfer with average quick swing speed, steel shafts may be your best tool in the game.

Graphite shafts are popular with senior players and lady golfers. They are lighter than steel shafts, which enhance quick swing speeds and therefore greater distance. If you have a slower swing speed, this could be the shaft for you.

Flex shafts are named so as they can bend when the right amount of pressure is exerted during a swing. The shaft comes in varying flexibilities namely light (preferred by ladies and seniors), regular, stiff and extra stiff. You can practice your golf swing; slow, fast, jerky or smooth – the flex shaft will still give you a good game.

Here’s the thing, as you hit the golf ball, the position of the clubhead changes following the movement of the shaft. Therefore, in order to get the most out of your shot, always ensure that the clubhead is squared or perfectly straight at impact. It is important to get the right flex for your swing if you want the club to have the appropriate contact with the golf ball.

Guide To Buying Golf Drivers Online

It is commonplace for golfers to wish for unrivalled distances, better shot accuracy, higher swing speed, better shot shaping, and higher golf ball control and pretty much anything that can help make their game better. If you are one of the golfers wishing for a great game and higher confidence on the greens, you might want to consider golf drivers.

High Handicap Golfers

If you are a beginner looking to advance your game, you might want to consider a large size golf club head with a regular or lightweight shaft. Check loft too as it can help you take shots that keep the ball flying straight. When considering drivers, be sure to check the product description for details to ascertain the important features mentioned above. Most online stores provide enough information that enables you to make an informed decision. If you are not sure of which driver to pick, you can ask for recommendations from the store’s customer service personnel if the information on the product description is not clear or enough.

Mid Handicap Golfers

At this stage, you are probably looking to improve your game. So you might want to consider less loft and stiffer shaft so as to increase swing speed. You can opt for an adjustable model which offers more forgiveness while allowing you to control the trajectory of the golf ball after a perfect shot.

Low Handicap Golfers

Low handicap golfers have their game on point. However, if you need to tweak up a few areas such as launch condition, swing speed and golf ball speed, you can consider trying out a few drivers. Compact heads make a low handicap golfer’s game more satisfying. If you are looking for a challenge, you can consider drivers such as Cobra King F7 Driver, Titleist 917D3 Driver or the Callaway Golf Epic Subzero Driver. There are several other options in the market, be sure to do some research on which drivers will help you improve your game in the areas you are keen on improving.

General Golf Driver Tips

Beginner golfers are often advised to have more lofts in the golf club. This is because it helps to considerably grow performance. As your career in the golf industry advances, you will need fewer lofts. Therefore, work your way from the top and ease yourself down as you keep on gaining the necessary experience.

It is important to know your stats; look at them often so that you understand the progress of your game. Stats show the current capabilities as well as expose the areas you need to improve. This information helps you make informed decisions on equipment to use and the areas to use golf practicing device.

Majority of golfers believe that their swing is higher than it actually is. The truth is that many assume that the venom with which they hit the golf ball is higher than it actually is. The good news is that the swing speed does increase over time, with adequate practice.

Always use the equipment that works for you. Choose the features that are suited for your level of expertise; the shaft stiffness should be to your liking, the club heads and the golf balls among other elements. All of these should work towards helping you improve your game. If you are a beginner and are not sure what works, you can always ask for a recommendation from the online store’s staff in addition to reading as much as you can on the game and how to be good at it.

A Simple Guide to Buying Golf Hybrids Online 

Hybrids, or rescue woods, were initially designed to take the part of the harder to hit irons. Many golfers struggle to consistently hit the 3 and 4 irons, which has led to the inclusion of the 5 -PW (6 iron set) in the regular iron sets. In order to fill the gap between the fairway wood and the irons, the hybrid becomes the solution.

A hybrid is a crossover between a wood and an iron, thereby giving the dual characteristics that improve the game on the golf course. Hybrids have larger heads, are easier to hit and offer accuracy that is similar to that of an iron. When used with a shorter shaft and an iron face, the hybrid gives better control in the game. If you want to get better shots and equally be at home on the fairway or from the tee, hybrid golf clubs are your fix.

High handicap golfers who want to improve their game and confidence on the greens might want to get a hybrid. It works well for beginners if the hybrid comes with a graphite shaft and regular flex. The 5 iron hybrid is an excellent solution to boost performance.

Mid handicap golfers can use a different shaft on a hybrid based on personal preferences. While graphite shafts on hybrids are excellent for practice, a golfer can choose any shaft option open to intermediate players.

Low handicap golfers often go for the larger irons. However, there are a few professionals who have started using hybrids in the place of 2 and 3 irons. A hybrid gives a higher trajectory, and a softer landing on the greens for the golf ball. They are easier to hit, especially from the trickier or rough lies of the golf course.

A Simple Guide to Buying Golf Shoes Online 

Footwear has evolved from simple comfort to performance-driven fashion items made by some of the world’s biggest brands. Regardless of whether you golf casually or full time, the shoes you purchase will contribute greatly to your performance. The market is awash with brands, styles and types deemed perfect for golfing. Here are some pointers to choosing a good golf shoe.

Classic golf shoes are designed for performance. They are comfortable, water resistance, and offer great traction and breathability. If you are just beginning, you will soon realize how important these characteristics are and how it affects your game.

Street shoes are relatively new to the golf course. They feel and look a lot like regular trainers, though they are designed for everyday use on the golf course. They are lightweight, low construction and exceptionally high level of comfort. They are flat-soled, unlike the regular golf shoes which tend to be spiked. However, some brands put runner studs on the soles. These shoes help with back and foot pain, one of the most common issues among golfers.

As amazing as street shoes are, they might mess up your game if you are not used to playing in them. For starters, they are flat (or rubber-studded) which means they may not have as steady grip as metal spiked shoes have. As such, if you are not careful, your performance on uneven grounds may be affected. Playing on long grass or wet grass with street shoes is not a very good idea.

While it’s rare to see boots on the greens, they are acceptable and just as stylish and comfortable as any other golf shoes. The boots are perfect for playing in adverse weather. Most of the designs that are acceptable on the greens look similar to mountain hiking boots. They are waterproof, offer great traction regardless of terrain and they are warm and comfortable to play in especially in cold weather. These are perfect for winter golfing.

Golf shoes are mainly made of leather or polyester. Most of the golf shoes today are made of leather, which is processed then attached to form the exterior of the golf shoe. This leather covering creates a tight fit, stretch free, waterproof cover, making the shoe suitable for all weather conditions. These shoes may come in a saddle design that ensures stability thereby giving the golfer balance and comfort on the turf. Leather golf shoes are not the cheapest in the market.

Polyester shoes are also performance-enhancing but they are cheaper. The polyester exterior makes the shoe non-porous, thereby offering excellent protection. This cover is lighter and thinner than leather yet it works just as well.

A Simple Guide to Buying Golf Bags Online 

Golf bags are an absolute necessity when it comes to the game. They allow the player or caddy to transverse the greens safely and efficiently without putting on too much pressure on the body. They are also a statement of comfort, style and efficiency.

A quick search will reveal an overwhelming number of golf bags available online today; from the biggest brands to the little known ones. Here is a simple guide to the types of bags available today, and their features.

Cart bags or trolleys are a classic on the greens. They are designed to offer a range of storage options for golf clubs, balls, accessories and sometimes clothing. They make travel so easy since they can easily be placed on golf trolleys.

Carry bags or stand bags are an option for those who do not like to push trolleys around. They are designed to be carried over the shoulder. They are pretty popular today, and they weigh about 3.5lbs and look great.  These bags feature adequate storage space despite their weight and slight size. Carry bags are durable, comfortable and packed with a variety of nifty little features.

Pencil bags are the lighter, thinner version of carry bags. They are about 6 inches in diameter and are spacious enough to hold 14 golf clubs. The best thing about them is that they are easy to store thanks to their small size. These bags are also waterproof, and some even offer hoods! This makes them perfect when enjoying a game in adverse weather conditions.

Tour bags are the biggest of all golf bags available in the market today, featuring 45 lbs and 10 inches in diameter. These bags are popular with professional golfers as they accommodate a range of accessories, clubs and other necessities required for the game. Most professional golfers have caddies, so they need not carry the bag themselves. These bags were not made to be carried by the players as they can exert pressure on the body, thereby messing up their game. The bag is on the high end of the price range, but it is so worth it that many professionals still prefer to get the tour bag.

When buying a golf bag online, it is important to pay attention to these main things.

• Your needs on the golf course

• The size, weight and mode of operation of the bag

• The material of which it is made

• The accessories that come with the bag such as extra straps etc

• The price

You can browse around online stores, including those of big brands, to have options to work with in terms of style, price and functionality. If you are a beginner, you may not have too many items to carry around, so you might want to go for a smaller bag. Additionally, always verify the reputation of the company you are buying from as it will give you an idea of the quality of the product you buy.

A Simple Guide to Buying Golf Rangefinders Online 

Golf is a game of estimating distance and hitting precise shots based on the estimation. As such, distance measuring devices have become one of the most essential gadgets on the golf course. We have the geo-position devices that instantly show the yardage with the help of satellite technology. Laser-based rangefinders are also pretty popular, as they simply operate on a point and shoot mechanism. Rangefinders are very important especially during practice rounds for amateur golfers. 

Shopping online for rangefinders can be overwhelming. Therefore, in order to narrow down your options; look at the features of the range finder. Such issues as ease of use, convenience and data type among other features you deem essential, can help you thin down the list of potential devices to consider. 

Ideally, golfers should be aware of how far they hit a golf ball. This knowledge makes it more rewarding to use range finders. It is common for golfers to assume that the hit they golf ball further than they actually do. However, with the rangefinder, you can have accurate stats to go with on your journey to improvement.

Golf should be more available to amateur players. If you are working towards being a professional, you will appreciate working with accurate stats. Laser rangefinders offer yardage to the flag position which is more preferable compared to the general GPS figures. 

Parting Shot 

Shopping for golf products online is convenient. Additionally, you get the privilege of searching through several online stores and getting the best price for the quality of the products you want. Additionally, you have the opportunity to read as much as you can about the items you need so that you buy what you need and not have to waste time on anything you will not use, especially if you are just beginning.

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